TR90 was founded in 2005 to produce street furniture to meet the requirements of outdoor advertising.

Thanks to its model and production diversity, professional design team, operational strength and sales experience, our company offers comfortable solutions and offers advertising messages to its target audience in the field of outdoor advertising.

It designs and manufactures advertising areas to local governments and commercial enterprises in accordance with the international standards

Our products, which add value to the architectural and natural beauties of our cities, are carefully designed by our professional team for their durability and aesthetic stances. With its after-sales support and spare parts coverage, it enables the products to be used safely for many years.

TR90, which has become a brand leading the way in the outdoor advertising industry in all cities of Turkey for many years, offers a wide range of durable and aesthetic products such as billboards, megalights, CLP/FSUs, megaboards and cylinder towers, responding to the needs and requirements of corporations and creates alternative solutions in terms of model and production. As the main manufacturer of the biggest out of home media companies in Turkey, TR90 provides a wide range of products such as bus shelters and advertising units which are suitable for the smart city concept by using the developing technology and design in their production line.


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